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Getter is Estonian female artist of the year 2012

Getter Jaani a new pop icon for Estonian youth

To the casual bystander, Getter Jaani’s life might seem like a fairy-tale. She grew up in Tallinn, in a creative family. Music and dancing have quite literally always been a part of her everyday life, as both her parents are choreographers. They have carefully made sure that their young daughter developed naturally, so that all the unexpected and good things in Getter’s life have emerged in a normal and caring way. Getter’s rise to stardom was sparked off by the TV program “”Estonian Superstar””. She was the youngest finalist in the program’s history and the jury’s favourite, winning everyone’s hearts as a beaming sunshine girl. Her phenomenal qualities are truly remarkable. Over her short career, she has gained an imposing number of fans and is now also one of the artists in greatest demand by various promoters and event organisers. In 2010, Getter Jaani played one of the leading parts in the popular youth musical “High School Musical”. Around the same time, the young singer started her co-operation with the record company Moonwalk, which gave a dizzying launch to her solo career. Her debut single “The Best Day” (“Parim päev”) was produced by Sven Lõhmus and it became the most played Estonian radio hit of the year. That was followed by an EP and a summer so full of performances it seemed like a continuous concert, with a few film shoots in new Estonian films as intervals. Today, Getter has become the most popular young singer in Estonia. This is also proven by her overwhelming victory at the Estonian National selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2011. Many would see this as an incredible dream, but Getter believes it is only the beginning of many more beautiful things… Like every other young person preparing for the future, Getter goes to school. She has made statements in the media promoting the secondary-vocational education system, as she considers studying to obtain a specific profession very important. Getter will soon receive her qualification papers as a tailor and stylist! “…10-year-old girls adore her, 13-year-old girls want to become just like her and even 16-year-old girls regard her as their most “IN” peer of the moment...” says the program director of one of the largest Estonian radio stations, about Getter. Facts: Born in Tallinn on 3 February 1993. Getter’s parents are choreographers and she is the eldest of the family’s three children. Getter is studying to become a tailor/stylist. She was the youngest finalist in the Estonian “Superstar” show. Getter works with record company Moonwalk and her debut single “The Best Day” was one of the most played radio hits of 2010 in Estonia. The promotional tour for her first CD album “The Best Day EP” was held at shopping centres and featured skate ramps, skateboarders and dancers. Getter played one of the leading roles in the “High School Musical”. Getter won the public vote at the Eesti Laul 2011 – Estonian National selection for Eurovision contest, and will represent her homeland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf with the song “Rockefeller Street”.

2010 “Parim Päev EP”

2011 “Rockefeller Street”

2011 “Jõuluvalgus”


2010 Parim Päev

2010 Grammofon

2011 Rockefeller Street

2011 Valged Ööd (duet with Koit Toome)

2011 Me Kõik Jääme Vanaks (Getter Jaani feat Mihkel Raud)

2011 Talveöö with Koit Toome and Karl Madis)

2012 NYC Taxi


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